12 weeks ago I started the conversion optimization minidegree by CXL institute. A lot of things has changed in my process and I gained really good skills in such a short time.

In this post, I’ll be talking about the before, the after and what’s next for me?

Before the conversion optimization minidegree

I’ve worked…

This the 11th week of the scholarship granted by CXL institute for the conversion optimization minidegree.

How important is this minidegree

If the past few years taught me anything is that I don’t take anything for granted. This is a great opportunity to go to the next level.

How important is this degree for me…

UX designers almost don’t know anything about conversion optimization. They have design and applied psychology skills which is valuable. But we lack copywriting, data analysis and testing skills skills.

The journey in the CXL institute conversion optimization mini degree is almost over. …

If you’re a UX/UI designer and you want to become a conversion optimizer or get conversion optimization skills to get your game to the next level. Here’s the 3 most crucial and super important skills you need to focus on other than the skills you already have:

  • Copywriting
  • Getting insights…

My partner and I created a UX design agency in the first weeks of the pandemic. Good timing right?

We’ve been providing UX/Ui design services such the creation of MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) mainly, landing pages that converts (hopefully hah, since we didn’t provide any CRO services that time).


7 weeks ago, my scholarship application for the CXL conversion optimization was accepted. I told my few good friends like it was a college scholarship. But it actually was. For me, It was actually better.

I’ve been a professional product designer for almost two years now and before that I…

In the previous article, I talked about these ways to conduct a research to discover conversion opportunities:

  • Technical analysis of the website dedicated for conversion
  • Site Walkthrough
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Usability evaluation

In this article, we’ll explore more ways, all complementary, to gather insights from your customers to understand them more…

As with the classic example of the doctor who won’t treat you before diagnosis, websites and digital products in general can not be improved for conversion without figuring what’s the problem.

Here’s what we will be talking about in this post:

  • Technical analysis of the website dedicated for conversion
  • Site…

Instead of designing directly from wireframing to visual design, Start to research, write copy first, create a sales flow that aligns well with the human brain(tell a story), refine, design and refine, publish. (testing will be out of scope for this article).

My old process.. GoodBye

Why I changed my process (and why change yours)

Here’s my old process: Make a wireframe, Fill…

(This will be a review of the CXL conversion optimization minidegree but you’ll learn bunch of great things)

I’ve recently discovered the field of neuromarketing with the CXL course. If there’s anything I got from that course, it’s that we always need to base our design decisions on established science…

Belhassen Chelbi

I design high quality websites and apps that converts.

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